What is computer courses?

computer courses or online accounting is a digital form of accounting which keeps a track on account records with help of various software’s. These days you can’t think of a business without managing your account and everybody weather a small business man or a large business firm have to pay taxes so computer courses teaches us to manage our accounts and pay our taxes online.

Perks of computer courses

The online process of managing accounts is very beneficial and useful for organizations. Before the introduction of E-accounting it was a very hectic job to manage accounts, credits, debits and etc. That time has gone far behind when people use to waste money on paper work, computer courses is a very cost effective method hence it is preferred and bought up by the organizations.


IPA career edge is the BEST computer courses in Noida. The course of computer courses is basically designed for the students who are under-graduate fresher and are wanting to start their career as a professional accountant. The module and curriculum of the course is designed as per the requirement of the industry for computer courses, tally operator and account assistant post. All the faculty we have is highly experienced and highly educated and have a good command in the field of accounting. Also we will provide you complete certification after the completion of the course. We will provide you the content and study material which will indulge real time scenarios, recent and best case studies. All the knowledge provided to you will be explained with a practical approach.

Placements and salary

Accountants earn a respectable amount of salary if they work in sub-sectors. As per BLS report (Bureau of labor statistics) on an average accountants earned a mean annual wage of $77,920 and a median annual wage of $69,350 in may 2017.The demands of accountants in market is increasing day by day due to individual demands of different countries. IPA career edge is the BEST computer courses institute in Noida which provides 100% placements after the completion of the course. All the professors will guide you throughout the journey till you get a secured placement. The duration of the accounting course is 3-6 months which is inclusive of all the important things which an accountant needs to know.